Carnegie Mellon University

Benefits of Google in a Browser

As you make the move to Google Mail and Calendar from Microsoft Exchange, you may be wondering why should you use Google in a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Here are some of the biggest reasons to move from your desktop mail application:

Full integration with Zoom means you can add a Zoom meeting to any calendar event. The Zoom info auto-updates whenever you make a change to the meeting. No copying and pasting Zoom details!

Google Mail and Calendar in your browser offer enhanced integration with tools like:

Save files from your email directly into Google Drive or search for a keyword across all Google apps with Google Cloud Search.

A large variety of workflow tools are available, such as:

Google mail provides:

  • Warning banners for suspicious messages (e.g. spoofed senders, suspected phishing, or malware attempts)
  • Automatic tagging of messages from senders outside of CMU (External tag)
  • Easy options for reporting messages you suspect as spam or phishing.

There is no delay in receiving mail. Messages arrive as soon as they're sent.

All of your mail is available for search all the time. Click the All Mail folder (left) and search by keyword, person, etc., Follow Google’s prompts to specify your search.

Create calendar events from the search field in mail or calendar with simple text such as Meet with john at 7pm thursday.