Carnegie Mellon University

Application Management

Service used to strategically maintain, monitor, and support software applications that uphold the business operations of the university.

This service provides scalable application support to enhance operations with:

  • Application Maintenance to support ongoing system, operational, business, and cost demands.
  • Application Monitoring to ensure reliability, accessibility and performance with infrastructure, security, and quality management.
  • Application Support to estimate work effort requirements, coordinate disaster recovery plans, and support business continuity.


  • Maximize productivity by alleviating technical concerns and allowing your team to focus on core business needs.
  • Reduce risk by eliminating single points of failure in technical knowledge and day-to-day operations.
  • Reduce costs by establishing scalable and predictable budget plans to support ongoing business demands.
  • Increase efficiency with appropriately allocated technical resources and support.
  • Promote operational excellence by defining professional Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and establishing application roadmaps.  


Pittsburgh campus partners in academic and administrative departments


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