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Turning System Restore Off or On

When you turn off the System Restore feature, you will not remove or delete any personal files from your computer. Only those files that were created by System Restore are removed. Likewise, if you use the System Restore feature to "restore" back to a previous state, personal files in your My Documents folder are not affected.

Note: You must be logged in as an Administrator. If not, the System Restore tab will not display.

To turn System Restore Off or On, follow the steps below:

  1. Depending on which operating system you are using, do one of the following:
    • Windows 8:  Swipe in from the right-edge of the screen and select Search. In the search box, enter Control Panel. On the left side, select Recovery and then select Configure System Restore.
    • Windows 7:  Click Start, and then right-click on My Computer. Select Properties from the drop-down menu. On the left side, select System protection.
  2. The System Properties dialog box appears. Select the drive for which you want to configure System Restore and click Configure.
  3. The System Protection for Local Disk dialog box appears. Do one of the following:
    • Select Turn on system protection and then click Apply.
    • Select Disable system protection and then click Apply.
  4. Click OK to close any open dialog boxes.

Last Updated: 12/5/13