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What we offer you:

Computer Support

DSP supports desktop and laptop computers, both Windows and Mac, owned by Carnegie Mellon University. DSP members:

  • install new computers and configure them on the campus network
  • provide technical support such as analysis, software/hardware troubleshooting, security analysis, and software repair
  • maintain and update the security for operating systems and applicable software as necessary and available
  • configure client computers and install software for reasonable protection from viruses and spyware and remove malware as necessary
  • escalate computer support issues to the vendor if needed

Software Support

Software support includes installation, basic configuration, operability troubleshooting, and basic functionality.  Please note that some software may be subject to "best-effort only" service if it is not currently licensed by Computing Services.  For a current list of supported software, please visit the Supported Software page.

  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Productivity Software
  • Email Clients
  • Web Browsers
  • Mobile Devices
  • My Andrew Software
  • Administrative Computing Software
  • VPN Software


DSP members will:

  • configure printers and the ability to print from computers including HP Jet Direct Cards.  DSP will provide best-effort printer support for non-HP printers   
  • support combination copier/fax/printers' ability to print from your computers (configuration is the responsibility of the vendor)   
  • install and support the basic functionality of external microphones, web cams, USB extenders, scanners, external hard drives (USB, Firewire), and external CD/RW's   
  • support the installation of digital camera software and USB setup of cameras

Strategic Technical Management

DSP will work with your department in order to develop a strategic plan for your computing environment. The strategic plan includes, but is not limited to:   

  • Computer replacement or upgrade    
  • Evaluation of new products and services


DSP will coordinate efforts with other departments within Computing Services on our customers’ behalf.

Additional Services

  • Project-Based Consulting
  • MyDeptFiles (File Server)
  • Employee Leasing
  • Server Support and Monitoring
  • Technology Support for Departmental Events.