Staffing Updates-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Staffing Updates

DSP Senior Manager Alex Lang shares the following staffing updates:

Kyle Carson has been the primary DSP consultant for about the last year. Kyle will shift his energy towards completing our Technical Infrastructure projects.

Beginning December 3, Tom Wilbrink will support Computing Services staff from his office in the UTDC, as part of DSP's Craig Street Team.  Tom will provide DSP support for division staff in Mellon Institute, South Craig St, and the GATF building.

In addition, we've enlisted the assistance of Frank Krawczyk, a contractor working through LanTek for the next few months.  Frank will provide support for Telecom (Bramer House) and division staff in Cyert Hall.

In the coming weeks, Kyle will introduce Frank and Tom to all of you and familiarize them with your areas.  Frank and Tom will handle many of the routine needs and will rely on Kyle's expertise to assist in more complex or difficult cases.  On a weekly basis, Kyle will review open issues with Frank and Tom and help ensure continuity of service.

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