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Department Administrators

Often department administrators are the first point of contact for computing issues. To help you meet the needs of the of the people you support, Computing Services provides the following services:

Consultative Support

Computing Services offers consultative support in the following areas:

  • Technology Planning
    If a department considers implementing a technology with which they have no prior experience; Computing Services will attempt to find a technical expert to assist the department with their decision-making.
  • Technical Hiring Assistance
    When a technical expert leaves a university department; the department may not have someone who can assess the technical capabilities of potential replacements. Computing Services can participate in the technical interviews to assist with this process.

Emergency Voicemail Notification

Subscribe to receive voicemail notification of emergency network outages and other urgent computing issues.

Information Security Services

Visit the Information Security Office site for security-related services such as network vulnerability scanning, certificate authority, internet blocks and more.

Mailing List

Departmental computing administrators are encouraged to subscribe to the dept-computing-group mailing list to discuss departmental computing concerns. Computing Services staff may use the list to communicate computing plans and changes; and to give admins early information on important computing issues. Departmental Computing Forum agendas and invitations to other meetings of interest are also posted to the list.

Need Help?

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