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Technology Impact Assessment

Technology Impact Assessment is a service provided by DR/BC Services (in collaboration with technology and business functional owners) to assess the service(s) that a technology solution provides, the potential impact in the event that service becomes unavailable due to a disaster or significant business disruption, determine the appropriate recovery objectives, and provide recommendations to establish or strengthen recovery capabilities.


  • Assesses current capabilities that the technology provides and who depends on those capabilities
  • Identifies the potential impact (financial, reputational, regulatory, legal) if the technology were not available due to a disaster or significant business disruption
  • Documents recovery objective requirements from the functional owner of the technology
  • Provides technology and business functional ownership with a complete overview and assessment of the technology
  • Recommends the disaster recovery solution that would meet recovery objectives and mitigate potential negative loss implications in the event of a disaster or significant business disruption
  • Provide compliance benefits

How to Get Started

DR/BC Services delivers the service as part of the Disaster Recovery Planning process.

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