Business Continuity Training and Awareness-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Business Continuity Training and Awareness

Business Continuity Training and Awareness accomplishes the following objectives:

  • Defines what Business Continuity means
  • Describes how Business Continuity is different from Disaster Recovery and Single-Point-of-Failure
  • Identifies the benefits of Business Continuity
  • Defines the Business Continuity Lifecycle and activities within each phase
  • Identifies Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives
  • Defines roles and responsibilities
  • Sets the stage for next steps in starting the Business Continuity Lifecycle with a Business Impact Analysis


  • Enables senior management and functional owners of a respective business area to understand what business continuity is and why it is important to CMU
  • Sets the expectations of how a business continuity initiative will be executed and the timeframe in which it will be executed
  • Removes potential misconceptions about the complexity of a business continuity initiative
  • Establishes roles and responsibilities to enable effective decision making

How to Get Started

This service is provided by scheduling a one hour meeting with stakeholders for an on site presentation of the training module. Additionally, the training is designed to address questions from attendees and set the stage for scheduling a Business Impact Analysis.

Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a meeting.