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January 15, 2021

To Connect or Not to Connect? Your Wireless Choices

Your Wireless Choices

That is the question, isn't it? There are two primary wireless networks on campus. We'll help you choose the right network for the right device—just in time for a new year.

When deciding which network to join, ask yourself this key question: does your equipment have a browser? The answer will always help you choose the right resource.


Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop Computers

These are among the most common tech and they require a secure network. That's why you should always connect this equipment to CMU-SECURE.

There are no special steps involved. Just select CMU-SECURE from your list of wireless networks and log in with your Andrew userID and password.

Another way to look at CMU-SECURE, is that you can connect any tech that has a browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. You'll need a browser to access CMU Web Login and enter your Andrew userID and password.

If you're deciding whether to connect to CMU-SECURE, remember...if a your tech doesn't have a browser, CMU-SECURE isn't the right network.



Alexas, Printers, Streaming Sticks and Smart TVs

CMU-DEVICE is a dedicated, wireless network for smart devices that typically do not have access to a browser. This network is not for smartphones, laptops, or any other device without a browser.

With CMU-DEVICE, you register your device on the network using its MAC address (a.k.a. hardware address). Since it's registered, no log in is required.


A Note About Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles are tricky because some have access to a browser, but others do not. The same rule applies above.

  • Your device has a browser: CMU-SECURE
  • Your device doesn't have a browser: CMU-DEVICE

Devices that have not been used in the previous six months will be automatically removed from the CMU-DEVICE network.