Carnegie Mellon University

Access Software from Anywhere!

August 27, 2021

Software From Anywhere

Computer labs are open again for the fall 2021 semester and have all the software you need to complete your coursework. If you can't get to a lab, you still have access to the latest software titles with these options.

Software Downloads

Download titles like Microsoft Office, thinkcell, Autodesk and more from our Software Catalog at no cost to you!

Virtual Andrew

A variety of academic titles are available through Virtual Andrew. This is a great choice when software is not available for download or cannot be run on your personal computer. Access is through an app or a browser. The General Use option is the best choice for most individuals with software like Microsoft Office, Visual Studio and Blender.

Timeshare Linux

This option allows you to access Linux software remotely from your computer. Most of the software that requires a Linux environment is available in Timeshare Linux, including MATLAB, SAS and Minitab.