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classroom and computer lab updates

August 27, 2021

Classrooms and Computer Labs Get an Upgrade for Fall

Computing Services is excited to welcome many of you back to campus this semester! As part of our preparations, we’ve completed several classroom and computer lab renovations. 

Classroom Updates

Classrooms across campus were renovated this semester. Most of our large learning spaces now have integrated microphones and cameras to enhance hybrid discussions and interactions. With the touch of a button, remote participants can hear and clearly see the in-person audience allowing for more engagement. Other rooms received a complete overhaul, including new equipment and furniture. 

  • Doherty A302
  • Doherty 1212
  • Doherty 2302
  • Doherty 2210
  • Doherty 2315
  • Gates 4401
  • Hamerschlag B103
  • Hamerschlag B131
  • Margaret Morrison A14
  • Margaret Morrison 103
  • Mellon Institute 348
  • Mellon Institute 355
  • Mellon Institute 448
  • Porter Hall 100
  • Posner A35
  • Wean 4707
  • Wean 4708
  • Wean 7500
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Computer Lab Updates

Formerly four separate computer labs, Baker Hall now offers two large labs separated by a garage door-style partition. When the door is lifted, the labs are combined into one large room. The presentation touch panel automatically adapts to control the presentation screens in both spaces. You'll also find 41 new Windows computers in Baker Hall 140A and 46 in Baker Hall 140B. 

Cyert Hall previously offered access to two labs—a Windows and Mac lab. With this renovation, Cyert Hall 100A, is now a Windows only lab and boasts double the space along with 35 new computers. 

All of these spaces also have new podiums and updated technology.