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Wireless Support Statement

Support Details

The following outlines the level of support provided by Computing Services to users on the wireless network. Because certain services conflict with others being offered by Computing Services, specific protocols and services within this operating system are banned. It is the responsibility of those using the service to configure their operating system in such a manner that it will not conflict with other services being offer over the Carnegie Mellon Network.

Please review the Carnegie Mellon University Computing Policy and computing guidelines for specific network services and protocols that, when configured incorrectly, may cause network problems.

Supported Operating Systems

Wireless Drivers:

You should use the latest drivers that are available for your wireless card. Refer to the manufacturer's web site for more information.Level of Support

Wireless is a supported networking service that is generally available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Support is provided during normal Help Center business hours. Contact the Help Center at 412-268-4357(HELP) or

Major outages or problems will be handled promptly. Please visit the Computing Services news page for any planned outages or maintenance.

AirPort Base Station

The Apple Airport BaseStation is BANNED from use on Campus. This ban also includes any wireless equipped Macintosh configured to act as an AirPort Software Base Station. The connection sharing features of the AirPort Base Station (hardware or software) can cause problems on the campus network. Those features are based on the same protocols used to provide network configuration information to most campus computers. Misconfiguring a base station can cause a network failure on other machines by sending them incorrect configuration information

Last Updated: 2/18/14