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AirPort Express

Apple AirPort Express is a compact wireless base station that allows the streaming of music from iTunes to a stereo or remote speakers wirelessly, as well as sharing a USB-connected printer.  Similar to Time Capsule, the default configuration of Airport Express is that of a wireless access point.

Most are likely to enable the device as a wireless access point in a home environment; however, user-installed wireless access points are not permitted in campus buildings, as per the Carnegie Mellon Airspace Guideline, since this would interfere with the existing campus wireless network.  Any attempts to use AirPort Express without first configuring it will result in a rogue access point, which could be removed from the network.  

Fortunately, AirPort Express can be configured to join an existing wireless network as a client, while maintaining the rest of its functionality. Follow the Configuring AirPort Express steps to ensure your unit is secure and not accessible to everyone on Carnegie Mellon’s wireless network.