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Register or Transfer Registrations 

Register a New Computer

Computers should be registered to the individual using them, not to the department or the departmental administrator. Exceptions are made for cluster and departmental computers. In the case of student organizations, computers used by the organization should be registered to an officer within the organization.

To register a new computer, follow the steps below. You will need the hardware address, building location and subnet for the computer you are registering.

  1. Go to the NetReg page at The Network Registration page appears. Read the instructions on this page. Be sure to download the Root Certificate.
  2. Click Enter at the bottom of the page and enter your Andrew userID and password at the Web Login login.
  3. Select Register New Machine, at the top of the page.
  4. Depending on whether you are registering a wired or wireless connection, do one of the following:
    • Wireless Connections: Choose Wireless from the Network pull down menu and click Continue.
    • Wired Connections: Choose a location from the Building pull down menu and click Continue. Next, select the subnet from the Subnet pull down menu.
  5. The Basic Information page appears with fields for Hostname, Hardware Address and Affiliation.
    • Hostname / Domain Name: The Hostname field is optional; you may enter a name for the computer in this field. In the Domain field, select the appropriate domain for your group. Unless your group is specifically listed, select
    • Hardware address: Enter your computer's hardware address if not automatically completed.
    • Affiliation: Select the appropriate affiliation. Student organizations should select "Student Organization."
  6. Click Continue to register the computer. Depending on whether your registration was successful or not, you'll be presented with one of the following:
    • If the registration process fails, you'll be presented with the Register a New Machine screen again. A red box appears indicating the problem.
    • If the registration is successful, you'll be presented with a green box and a list of your registered computers.
  7. Once you've completed the registration process, allow at least 30 minutes for the information to propagate to the network.

Important Note: Computers and outlets should be assigned to the individuals who own them. Departmental administrators should follow  steps in the Transfer Machine Registration section of this document (below) to transfer the computer to the actual owner.

Transfer Computer Registration

The process of transferring a computer's network registration is restricted to the departmental administrator of the group in which the computer is registered. Students, faculty or staff members or who do not have a departmenal administrator should do one of the following to transfer registration. Student organizations that need to transfer their organization's computer registration to, for example, a new officer should also follow these steps:

  • Request that the person currently registered to the computer delete their registration, and then register the computer in your name
  • Contact Computing Services Help Center at and request that the computer registration be transferred.

Transfer Computer Registration: Departmental Administrators

Departmental administrators should follow the steps below to transfer registration of a computer:

  1. Go to the NetReg page at Click Enter at the bottom of the page and enter your Andrew ID and password at the Web Login login.
  2. At the Registered Machines page, select the computer you want to transfer. The Machine Information page will appear.
  3. Click the View/Update Protections link. The View Protections page displays.
  4. Under the Add user/group to protections area of the View Protections page:
    • Type a valid Andrew userID under Identity.
    • Check the Read and Write options under Level Rights.
    • Click Add Protection.
  5. The View Protections page redisplays. The Andrew userID that you entered appears under the Identities assigned to this computer registration.
  6. Once the computer is assigned to the owner, click Delete (next to your userID) to remove yourself.

Note: The computer information will be available as part of the department list only. It will no longer appear under your name.

Last Updated: 7/3/12