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Maintain Group Information

Each department has a key administrator who has the authority to assign and remove department administrator privileges. Department administrators are authorized to maintain group information within NetReg. If you are interested in becoming a key administrator for your department, please email

Assigning a Department Administrator

To assign a new department administrator to your group, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the NetReg page at Click Enter at the bottom of the page and enter your Andrew userID and password at the login.
  2. From the Main page, select Groups/Departments. The Groups/Departments that you have administrative privileges are displayed.
  3. Below Group ID, click your group name. The View Group Information page will display listing the individuals who currently have administrator privileges.
  4. Below Add User to Group, type the new administrator's Andrew userID and click Add User. The information is added to the list and that person will have administrator privileges for the group.

Removing a Department Administrator

To remove a department administrator first follow steps 1-3 in the above section. Then, continue below:

  1. From the Group Information page below Group Members, click Remove next to the department administrator's Andrew userID you want to remove.
    A confirmation is displayed.

Last Updated: 8/30/13