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CableTV Troubleshooting Guide

If these troubleshooting topics do not help you to successfully correct the problem, please contact the Telecom Service Line at 412-268-8500 for assistance.

Important Note!

CMU Cable TV service is now DIGITAL. This means that your television must have a tuner capable of receiving digital cable channels. Most televisions manufactured over the past few years probably have the correct tuner. If you are unsure, you should check the specifications from your manufacturer to insure that it includes a “QAM” tuner. If your television does not have the correct tuner you will need a different television that does or you can purchase an external tuner box that includes a QAM tuner.

I have an old analog (tube style) television.  I can’t get any channels.  What do I do?
Purchase a digital to analog converter that has an integral QAM tuner. These tuners are available at (look for the iView 2000STB type; approximately $40). Your other option is to purchase a new television.

I don't get all of the channels.
Run the "auto program" and be sure that your cable ready television is set to the "Cable" feature.

I don't get any channels, or maybe only one or two.
Check to make sure that your television is correctly connected to the CableTV wall outlet. Try using a neighbor's connecting cable or television in place of your own. If you still have problems, check to see if you're the only one on the floor or in the building that is having  problems. If others are having problems, call the Telecom's Service Line at x8-8500 to report the outage. We'll respond as soon as possible.

I lost my remote control. What should I do?
Purchase a universal remote to replace the lost remote control.

The cable that runs from the TV to the wall outlet isn't long enough. Where can I purchase one?
A standard television cable can be purchased at the University Store or a store that carries electronics accessories.

Can I access CableTV on my computer using the Carnegie Mellon network?
Telecommunications does not provide or support television service via the Carnegie Mellon network.  If you have a TV tuner and would like to try to connect, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions.