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Collaborative Teaching Computer Lab

Collaborative Teaching spaces are designed to foster faculty and student interaction while supporting multiple instructional activities in one teaching space. The elimination of long rows and tables allow instructors to move easily through the space, facilitating consultation with students at computers. The room layout also improves visibility lines for instructors and students alike.


Computing Services has worked to understand user needs through various activities: student and faculty outreach, surveys and observations, data analysis, and even benchmarking of other academic institutions. These activities focused on teaching and learning needs, areas for improvement, and gaps in existing services and spaces.

CTC top view

As a result of this work, the CTC project undertook the following goals:

  • Foster a naturally collaborative environment
  • Accommodate faculty/student interaction and engagement
  • Support multi-mode pedagogical needs and classroom activities


CTC side view
  • Digital LCD panels allow for both instructor and student display, and even split-screen display, enabling side by side work critiques.
  • Annotation functionality at the lectern provides markup directly on the displays.
  • An electronic whiteboard makes it easy for instructors to display quick notes and formulas.
  • Mobile whiteboards allow for ease of use at tables or at the lectern.
  • Outward facing windows are coated with a special whiteboard film adding more surfaces for notes.
  • Monitor arms or sliding computer displays create the ability to move monitors around for more visibility across the room for faculty and students to foster discussions.
  • Students who prefer to work on personal laptops will now have dedicated space (and display connections) at each table on which to work.


CTC map

The CTC is available to all university affiliates and is open to the campus community if it is not reserved.

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Last Updated: 08/13