Carnegie Mellon University

Social Art

Enhance your posts on social media using the social media art described below!  Don't forget to tag us by using #CMUgrad and #TartanProud on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

AR Filters

To use one of our AR Filters, go to our Instagram account @Carnegiemellon. You can find them under our filter tab.  Select the one you’d like and add it to your Instagram camera. You can also find them at the links below or via the Browse Effects feature using the keyword CMUgrad.



You can find and use the same AR filters on our Facebook by heading to these links:

Cap without Glasses for Facebook

Cap with Glasses for Facebook

GIPHY Stickers

Our CMU Grad stickers are located at but can be found for sharing in Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. Just use the GIF search within your desired platform with the keyword(s) CMUGrad.

Profile Frames

To add a CMU Grad frame to your Facebook profile:

  1. Click to edit your profile photo and select the option “Add Frame.”
  2. Search using the keyword CMUgrad tol find multiple frames, including CMUGrad, Proud Parent of a CMU Grad, Proud Sibling of a CMU Grad, etc.
  3. Tap on the frame you’d like, save and celebrate!