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Payroll Resources

In 2015, viewing your current payslip, updating your tax elections and setting up your direct deposit are all at your fingertips with Workday.  Below are some resources regarding your pay.

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2015 Pay Calendars:

US Bi-Weekly and Monthly (pdf)
US Graduate Student Semi-Monthly (pdf)
California Monthly (pdf)
Australia Pay Calendars (pdf)
Qatar Pay Calendar (pdf)
Rwanda Pay Schedule (pdf)

What has changed in Pay:


Legacy (2014 and Prior)

Workday (Starting in 2015)

View Payslips ADP iPay



Change Direct Deposit Paper form with required voided check
Change W-4, Federal Tax Elections Paper form
Time Tracking Greenpaper Time Sheets and PRS System

Current Pay Information (2015):
Your current pay information is on Workday. My Workday Toolkit is available to help you navigate your pay information in Workday.

Pay Information from 2014 and Prior
You can access your pay information and W-2 from prior to calendar year 2015, but within three years of today’s date on APD iPay.  For example: in 2015, you may view your W-2 forms from 2012, 2013 and 2014.  See information on how to access ADP iPay.  If you have never registered before for ADP iPay, please see our ADP iPay Registration Guide [pdf].  If you have forgotten your login credentials, this Updating ADP iPay Account Guide [pdf] will help you update your ADP iPayStatement UserID and Password.

Why Direct Deposit?


Foreign Nationals