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Vanity Hostnames

Vanity hostnames are domain names that deviate from the standard hostname. While Computing Services only provides website hosting services for hostname-based URLs and cannot host websites using other hostname-based URLs, we can provide some basic vanity hostname services.

Use Cases

Vanity hostnames may be used for CMS sites in which the Online Strategy Team in Marketing & Communications has approved the use of a third-level domain (e.g., as a vanity URL, or where a domain (e.g., has been registered with an outside registrar to use for your site.

Important: vanity hostnames serve as redirects only. Website visitors will be redirected to the actual URL of your CMS site (e.g.,

Sites Meeting the Following Criteria are Eligible for Vanity Hostnames:

  • If the domain name is currently in use, the site is the official university web presence for the department or unit.
  • The domain name is used only for the current site and does not contain other sites.
  • The DNS record for the domain name is owned by the university. In the case of domains, the registrant and administrative contact records for the domain must contain "Carnegie Mellon University".
  • The site exists or will be created in the CMS, publishing to

You Are Responsible for Registration, Renewal, and Payment of Domain Names Outside of the Domain.

Vanity hostname services are provided free of charge. However, for domain names outside of the domain, Computing Services is not responsible for registration, renewal, or payment. The DNS record for the domain name will need to continue to be registered with an outside registrar and the registration, renewal, and payment for that record is the responsibility of the department/unit that owns the domain name.

To find out more information or to request a vanity hostname, please contact