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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cascade Server Sites Model Transition

Computing Services will transition the Hannon Hill Cascade CMS to the latest supported model (Sites). The fundamental change of the Sites Model is how sites are contained in the CMS. Currently, all sites reside in a shared Global space. In the Sites Model, each site will be contained in its own separate and independent site environment which will ease implementation of the new design as well as future features and functionality. See Computing News for the full story.

You will receive an email when your site is scheduled to transition to the new Sites Model. The transition should take no longer than a 24 hour period. During the transition, you will not have access to the site in the CMS, so be sure to make necessary edits and publish your work prior to the transition period. Your published site will not be affected by the transition and will continue to be available online.

Note: This is a technical change in the CMS, not a transition to the new design. The transition will not affect your published website.

Prepare for the Transition

Discard or submit Drafts prior to the transition. Drafts are auto-generated as you work. In most cases, Drafts can be discarded. Submitting a Draft will overwrite the current page. Any Drafts remaining during the transition will be removed.

IMPORTANT: All historical data (audits, versions, timestamps) will be reset during the transition. If you need to keep this data for your records, please back it up to an external source. Read more on Audits & Version History.

Sites Model Changes

Below are the changes you can expect after your site has transitioned to the Sites Model.

Select a Site

Use the drop-down menu at the top instead of selecting it in the folder structure on the left. After a site is selected, the folder structure will include only pages and folders related to that site. The Base Folder is now the site’s parent folder.

In Sites Model, select site using drop-down menu at top.

Note: If you manage multiple sites, there may be a period of time where some of your sites are in the Sites Model and some in the Global Model. To select a Global Model site, choose Global in the drop-down and select your site in the folder structure. After the Sites Model transition is complete, all sites will be available in the drop-down.

Create New Pages

Select New > page type. Selecting New > sitename > page type is no longer necessary in the Sites Model.

Creating a new page in the Sites Model


Site-wide Publish
Select the Base Folder and click Publish.

Select Base Folder for Full Site Publish

Publish a Page
Select the page and click Publish. Output - HTML All Destinations is a new addition to the publish screen. Always leave this checked.

HTML Output   

Paths to Assets

Global Model
When an asset (e.g., page, folder, file) is referenced it includes the site name:


Sites Model
The site name will be omitted:


After the Transition

After the transition is complete, you will again have access to your site. If you see any differences in content, please notify us immediately.