Carnegie Mellon University

Process Maturity

Process maturity is about both effectiveness (doing the right things) and efficiency (doing things right). In order to focus on valuable, achievable outcomes, Computing Services must collaborate through inclusive teams using standard tools and processes. We strive for organizational agility and resilience across resource shifts and unforeseen challenges. We believe excellence in IT requires explicit focus on defined business requirements, planning, project management, communication, outcome assessment, operational efficiency, and continuous learning. It is through an inclusive blend of these skills and perspectives that we not only create better outcomes, but also unleash the full potential and diverse creativity of our people. Computing Services will create and operate within a process-enabled environment in order to consistently and transparently assure timely, quality service delivery for our internal work and our collaborative engagements across the institution. We will broadly apply, measure, and evolve repeatable and effective processes to determine and deliver on commitments to our constituency.

Create a predictable, adaptive, inclusive, and sustainable operating culture. To support this goal, Computing Services will build a process portfolio to support and guide routine scalable operations across projects, services, practices, groups, and all individuals. We will use accepted frameworks to mature our engineering discipline in a diverse, collaborative culture to advance our collective ability to measure, report, control, and improve operations.