Carnegie Mellon University

Identity and Integration (I2) Project 

The Identity and Integration (I2) project is a first step towards delivering an Enterprise-Wide Data Management Solution for the university. The project, which started in the spring of 2020, focuses on an "identity use case" to address both integration and consumption issues with student and employee (identity/person) data while modernizing our data-sharing and integration technologies, data services, and identity and access management platform. 

Integration issues stem from complex and siloed data that is difficult and costly to share and deliver across university systems due to inconsistencies, redundancies, and uncertainties in data sources.  Consumers are left wondering where to go for reliable, quality, and trustworthy data that is needed to create timely and accurate reports for informing critical business decisions. 

Computing Services in partnership with the Data Stewardship Council is using the I2 project to better understand our data and data needs, bring clarity and transparency to the data landscape, and drive an enterprise-wide solution for data quality and sharing. 


  • Enhanced enterprise-wide integration: Complex integrations that relied on siloed, inconsistent, and ungoverned data will be replaced with a streamlined and scalable integrated solution that supports data transparency, quality, and real-time delivery.
  • Optimized data: Data consumers that relied on multiple data sources with inconsistent quality and access will be able to leverage authoritative, quality data in a timely and accurate manner to inform business decisions and promote a data-driven culture.
  • Improved on-boarding and access life cycle experience: The processes for acquiring and retiring accounts and access will become more timely, user-friendly, and transparent. New functionality will support role-based access controls and centralized certification processes to meet annual access audit and security requirements.
  • Improved adaptability for emerging requirements: A modern identity and access governance platform will allow the university to respond more quickly, effectively, and securely to strategic opportunities for supporting evolving requirements including cross-institutional collaboration and support for novel constituent groups.

Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives are divided into four parallel workstreams to support the larger initiative toward an Enterprise-Wide Data Management Solution.

Identity Use Case (proof of concept)

  • Test of end-to-end “person” service
  • Automate “person” matching for efficiency
  • Vet and inform for future implementation

Identity Platform

  • Streamline and enhance provisioning with new technology to ensure that the right people have access to the right resources at the right time

Data Sharing Platform

  • Launch new platform for usage with Data Quality tools, processes and metrics
  • Develop strategy and processes for continued expansion and integrations


  • Launch Data as a Service that ties business needs, governance and
    technology together for business partners