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Data Stewardship Council

Carnegie Mellon’s Data Stewardship Council, chartered in 2020, has been appointed to champion the transformation of data into an institutional asset to support strategic decision making, reporting, and operations, and build a culture of data literacy, sharing, and analysis.

The Council is a component of the University’s commitment to support an information-driven university that balances security and risk mitigation, while simultaneously maximizing the value of our institution’s data. The Council serves as a critical factor toward developing a unified approach for Data Management that bridges our business partner needs with a modern technology infrastructure.

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Council Charter


The Council will champion the creation, implementation, and enforcement of policies, procedures, and best practices surrounding data management and data utilization in an effort to:

  • maximize the value and trust in our institutional data assets
  • increase data literacy across the organization
  • increase the ability to conduct cross-functional analytics through a culture of data sharing
  • create a culture of shared accountability and communication surrounding data assets
  • ensure our data assets are secure and meeting compliance and legal regulations.


The Council will address issues throughout the data lifecycle including, but not limited to, data identification, characterization, quality, acquisition, retention, confidentiality, access, sharing, use, compliance, value, and risk.

The Council will focus on institutional administrative data. Data generated through research and scholarly activity is out of scope for the Council at this time. Investigators are responsible for appropriate stewardship, and can access advice and infrastructure through Research Data Services in the University Libraries. Data about the administration of research activities is within scope.


The mission of the Data Stewardship Council is to ensure the University’s administrative data assets are managed and utilized to their fullest extent. In support of that mission, the key objectives of the Council are as follows:

  • Serve as the advisory board on University-wide data standards, best practices, and policies.
  • Align cross-functionally to champion a data governance framework that serves to increase the University’s ability to leverage its data assets to their maximum value.
  • Communicate consistently the vision, decisions, and outputs of the Council across the University to foster transparency. 
  • Champion best practices, policies, and a University-wide data-driven mindset – in other words, be an agent of change. 
  • Create new methods, processes, procedures, and best practices (and their adoption) to add value to the organization’s assets. Ensure existing policies and procedures are reviewed and maintained. 
  • Mediate or arbitrate the resolution of data-related issues. 
  • Evaluate data governance performance and effectiveness and provide input into key metrics. 
  • Designate resources from their respective teams to support the production and implementation of the processes, procedures, and best practices that are recommended by the Council. 
  • Ensure the University’s data assets are meeting compliance and legal regulations.

Council Members

Council members represent a cross-functional set of individuals driven by organizational information domains. The Council will be Co-Chaired by the Associate Provost, Dean of Library, and Chief Information Officer.



Stan Waddell *

Office of the CIO

Rebecca J. Culyba *

University Libraries

Kieth Webster *

Office of the Provost

Amanda K Berneburg

Marketing & Communication

Amy Coutu

Computing Services

Anna Comerford

Office of the Provost

Brian Hill

Enrollment Services

Carrie Nelson


Courtney Bryant

Office of the Provost

Daniel J McNulty

Office of the General Counsel

Daryl Weinert

President's Office

Don Coffelt

Facilities Management and Campus Services

Elizabeth Horton Rosemeyer

Title IX

Gregory Edleman

Undergraduate Admissions

Heather M. Bragg

Office of the Vice President for Research

Jen Gilbride-Brown

Academic Success & Equity

Joanna Dickert

Student Affairs

Joel E Tachoir

Student Affairs

John D. Dolan

Treasurer's Office

John R Papinchak

University Registrar’s Office

Mary Ann Blair

Information Security Office - Computing Services

Maureen Dasey-Morales

Community Health & Well-Being

Melanie J Lucht

Enterprise Risk Management

Melissa L Baker

Institutional Research and Analysis

Michelle Piekutowski

Human Resources

Monique Polas

Treasurer's Office

Tara Branstad

Office of the Vice President for Research

Thomas A Ogden Jr.

University Police

Thomas O Goff

Investment Office

Todd Rheinfrank

University Advancement

Walter P Schearer III

SCS Dean's Office

* Co-Chair