Carnegie Mellon University


We are grateful for the support received from the following funders:

Humanity United, 2014-2017, “Video Forensics for Human Rights and Accountability” ($200,000 over 12 months, plus $175,000 renewal)

MacArthur Foundation, 2015-2018, “General Support for the Center for Human Rights Science” ($600,000 over 36 months)

Oak Foundation, 2015-2017, “General Support for the Center for Human Rights Science” ($200,000 over 24 months)

Humanity United, 2014, “Workshop: Video Forensics in Human Rights Abuse and War Crimes Investigations (Technology, Law and Ethics)” ($10,000 for August 2014 Workshop)

MacArthur Foundation, 2013-2014, “Evaluating Machine Learning Methods and Tools for Use in Human Rights Work” ($175,000 over 18 months)

National Institutes of Health, 2011-2014, R01 HG005702-01, “The Ethics of Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster DNA Identification” (PI, with co-PI Sarah Wagner and co-I Alex John London, $1,201,086)

National Science Foundation, 2009-2010, SES0922638, “Scientific Conference on Casualty Recording and Estimation” (co-PI, with PI Baruch Fischhoff, $69,068)

National Institutes of Health, 2008-2010, R03 HG004655-01, “DNA Identification in the Aftermath of Genocide and Mass Violence” (PI, $154,500)