Carnegie Mellon University

Conference Participants

  • Jay Aronson (Director, Center for Human Rights Science, CMU)
  • Malachy Brown (Storyful)
  • Alison Cole (Legal Officer, International Justice, Open Society Justice Initiative)
  • Elizabeth Eagen (Program Officer, Open Society Foundation)
  • Scott Edwards (Managing Director of Crisis Prevention and Response, Amnesty International)
  • Alex Hauptmann (Senior Systems Scientist, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon)
  • Kris Kitani (Systems Scientist, Computer Vision Group, CMU)
  • Michael Kleinman (Director of Investments, Humanity United)
  • Alexa Koenig (UC-Berkeley Human Rights Program)
  • Christoph Koettl (Emergency Response Manager, Amnesty Int. USA)
  • Christian Labriere (Cognitive Scientist, CMU)
  • Sophie Lebrecht (Neon Labs)
  • James Logan (Program Officer, Oak Foundation)
  • Alex John London (Director, Center for Applied Ethics and Political Philosophy, CMU)
  • Josh Lyons (Human Rights Watch)
  • Felim McMahon (International Criminal Court)
  • Chris McNaboe (Program Associate, Conflict Resolution Program, Carter Center)
  • Alessandro Oltramari (Research Associate, CyLab, Carnegie Mellon)
  • Cristina Ribeiro (International Criminal Court)
  • Enrique Piraces (Vice President of Human Rights Program, Benetech)
  • Brad Samuels (Architect, SITU Research)
  • Eric Sears (Program Officer for Human Rights and International Justice, MacArthur Foundation)
  • Yaser Sheik (Assistant Research Professor, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon)
  • Danielle Wenner (Department of Philosophy, CMU)
  • Rebecca Wexler (Yale Law School)