Carnegie Mellon University
Conference Participants

List of Participants

Bradley Adams (New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner)
Jay Aronson (Carnegie Mellon University)
David Barnard (University of Pittsburgh)
Jose Pablo Baraybar (Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team)
John Byrd (Joint Prisoners of War-Missing in Action Accounting Command [USA])
Graciela Cabana (University of Tennesee--Knoxville)
Mike Cariola (Bode Technology Group)
Kavita Chibba (South African Missing Persons Task Team)
Dena Davis (Lehigh University)
Mercedes Doretti (Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team)
Suni Edson (U.S. Armed Forced DNA Identification Laboratory)
Madeleine Fullard (South African Missing Persons Task Team)
William Goodwin (University of Central Lancashire and International Committee of the Red Cross [ICRC])
Advija Ibrahimovic (Women of Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Sasha Kimel (University of Michigan)
Sokvisal Kimsroy (Documentation Center of Cambodia)
Emina Kurtalic (International Commission on Missing Persons)
Alex John London (Carnegie Mellon University)
Vener Macaspac (Phillipines)
Chris Maguire (Northumbria University)
Constance Mbizana (South Africa)
Alan Meisel (University of Pittsburgh)
Jen Stansberry Miller (Air Disaster Victims Advocate; Indiana, USA)
Maria D. Morcillo-Mendez (Medical-Legal Institute [Colombia])
Tshiamo Moela (South African Missing Persons Task Team)
Enver Mujagic (International Commission on Missing Persons)
Amy Mundorff (University of Tennesse--Knoxville)
Cristián Orrego (Human Rights Center, University of California at Berkeley)
Lisa Parker (University of Pittsburgh)
Tom Parsons (International Commission on Missing Persons)
Fredy Peccerelli (Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation)
Adnan Rizvic (International Commission on Missing Persons)
Adam Rosenblatt (Champlain College)
Laché Rossouw (New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and South African Missing Persons Task Team)
Stefan Schmitt (Physicians for Human Rights)
Susannah Sirkin (Physicians for Human Rights)
Paul Sledzik (National Transportation Safety Board [USA])
Lindsay Smith (University of California Los Angeles)
Sujettana Sotthibandhu (Royal Thai Police)
Amanda Sozer (SNA Associates)
Caroline Steele (Geoarcheology Research Associates; formerly with Regime Crimes Liaison's Office, Baghdad, Iraq)
Mishel Stephenson (Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation)
Lola Vollen (Life After Exoneration Project and Voice of Witness)
Sarah Wagner (University of North Carolina-Greensboro)
Kirsty Wright (Griffith University [Australia])