Carnegie Mellon University
Organizers, Advisory Boards & Participating Institutions

Organizers, Advisory Boards & Participating Institutions

Note: for biographies of all people listed below, please see Participants page.


Jay Aronson (Carnegie Mellon University)

Sarah Wagner (University of North Carolina-Greensboro)

Research Team

Alex John London (Carnegie Mellon University)

Adam Rosenblatt (Stanford University)

Lindsay Smith (UCLA)

Lola Vollen (Voice of Witness)

Pracitioner Advisory Board

Mercedes Doretti (Forensic Anthropologist, Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team)

Thomas Parsons (Director of Forensic Services, International Commission for Missing Persons)

Susannah Sirkin (Deputy Director for International Policy and Advocacy, Physicians for Human Rights)

Morris Tidball-Binz (Forensic Coordinator of the Assistance Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Bioethics Advisory Board

David Barnard (University of Pittsburgh)

Dena Davis (Lehigh University)

Alan Meisel (University of Pittsburgh)

David Winickoff (University of California, Berkeley).