Carnegie Mellon University


Session 2

John Sloboda, (Iraq Body Count, London)

Romesh Silva (Benetech HRDAG)

Session 3

Jana Asher (Carnegie Mellon University)

Mike Spagat (Royal Holloway, London)

Coreen Farris (Carnegie Mellon University)

Session 4

Eldar Jahić, (Centre for Research and Documentation, Sarajevo)

Baruch Fischhoff (Carnegie Mellon University)

Session 5

Ewa Tabeau (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia)

Beth DaPonte (Yale University)

Session 6

Nathan Taback (University of Toronto)

Debarati Guha-Sapir (Center for Research in Epidemiology of Disasters, Louvaine, Belgium)

Session 7

Daniel Manrique (Carnegie Mellon University; formerly Peruvian Truth Commission)

Anita Gohdes (University of Essex, UK)