Carnegie Mellon University

A Guide to Excellent Tutoring

Carnegie Mellon University
Produced by students in 99-461 Spring 2010
Tutoring, Teaching & Leading through Education
Judy Hallinen, Instructor

Erin Burns, Angel Gonzalez, Elisha Clayton, Amy Nichols, Muhammed Shodeinde

Second Edition: Christa Romanosky, 2014


Tutoring is tough! To be an effective tutor, you are expected to be a role model as well as an educator. This can be overwhelming when you first begin. Luckily, SciTech Academy has developed a guide to give you some tips and strategies to know how you can start your journey teaching and empowering youth.

In the following booklet, we will review rules, strategies, and tools that highlight the important components tutors should understand while tutoring. Our goal is to create a document that you can easily refer to. This is why we have included an FAQ section and a table summarizing this information. Don't be afraid to refer to it if you have any questions. Good luck, and thank you for working towards inspiring youth!