Carnegie Mellon University
Training and Resources

Faculty, Staff, and Students: Child Safety Training

We provide online trainings and resources for all CMU-affiliated persons on topics such as child safety, child protection policies, recognizing and reporting abuse, and the role of teachers and educators.

Tutor Professional Development Sessions & Resources

Tutor Professional Development

Some students may wish to learn tutoring and mentoring skills, but do not have the availability to take a service learning course offered at the university. Child Protection provides professional development sessions to help Carnegie Mellon students develop skills that include fostering independent learning, sharpening communication and active listening skills, planning lessons and workshops, developing strong tutor-tutee relationships, informing about appropriate boundaries, and teaching other focus areas that will strengthen our students’abilities as educators. Our staff works with individuals and student groups to find times and locations that fit into their schedules.

Boundaries Training

Boundaries Training Booklet

Our staff offers boundary training for all students who plan to work with minors for a CMU-affiliated group, project, or event.

TutorTalk Dinner

The Gelfand Center also offers TutorTalk Dinner, an event where tutors and mentors can share ideas and experiences. This event includes a free sit-down meal and conversation, often paired with a video or speaker. Students can connect with other students in the CMU community who engage in service work, hear about how students worked to form their service groups, and what hurdles they had to cross. Students can also share ideas about how others might be able to collaborate and share successes, struggles, and strategies while working with K-12 youth.