Carnegie Mellon University

Hunaid Nulwala

Hunaid B. Nulwala

Assistant Research Professor, Chemistry

  • Mellon Institute 725A
  • 412-268-3974


2009     Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara (Prof. C. Hawker, Thesis Advisor)


Ionic materials, polymer chemistry, polymer science, gas separations, carbon capture, structure-property relationship of poly(ionic liquid)s and polymers

Research in our group is focused on accessing targeted materials with specific properties using the concept of ‘click chemistry’. We target reactions which are well understood and can be scaled-up if desired. This synthetic approach allows us to access and manipulate materials of interest easily. All materials developed are generally targeted towards energy related applications.

Our research endeavors includes materials development for gas separation, green solvents, coatings, and electrolytes.

The materials that have been developed in our lab are highly varied; including, traditional polymers, ionic liquids, poly(ionic liquid)s, and inorganic polymers. We work very closely with industry, academia, and government research laboratories.


Polyphosphazene polymer development for mixed matrix membranes using SIFSIX-Cu-2i as performance enhancement filler particles
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Ionic cross-linked polyether and silica gel mixed matrix membranes for CO2 separation from flue gas
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Cubosomes from hierarchical self-assembly of poly(ionic liquid) block copolymers
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Nulwala, H. B.; Takizawa, K.; Thibault, R. J.; Taft, B. R.; Lipshutz, B. H.; Hawker, C. J.; Odukale, A.; Khan, A. Macromolecules  2009, 42, 6068–6074.


2013–present Assistant Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
2013–present Task Technical Coordinator for transformational technologies at National Energy Technology laboratory (U.S. DoE)
2011–present Faculty-Research University Alliance ‒National Energy Technology Laboratory
2011–2013 Special Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University
2010-2011 ORISE Post-Doctoral Fellow, National Energy Technology laboratory
2004–2005 Research Chemist, General Electric
2001–2004 Chemist (Co-op), Eastman Kodak Company

Awards and Distinctions

2009 Recognition for outstanding dedication to Educational Outreach
2009 Materials Research Laboratory Travel Fellowship
2007 Materials Research Laboratory Travel Award