Carnegie Mellon University
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Begin research quickly.

Students can join a group immediately or spend a semester doing optional rotations to find a good fit. When joining a group immediately, it is sometimes possible to start in the summer.

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Take advantage of flexible course requirements.

You can gain expertise across areas and disciplines. Students often take some courses in biological sciences, physics and engineering.

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Enjoy a collaborative environment.

Students form strong relationships with advisors and advisory committee members can become collaborators and additional mentors. Supportive interactions with peers across research groups are common.

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Develop soft skills to complement technical expertise.

See CMU's excellent programs for future faculty and entrepreneurs and student-led programs on Public Communication for Researchers.

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Career Options

Ph.D. graduates from the Department of Chemistry are prepared for success in a wide range of careers in academic, industry, and national laboratories. Some are also involved in medical research, start-up companies and policy work at government agencies such as the EPA and Health & Human Services. We welcome updates from our alumni.