Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2006 Events

Spring 2006 Seminar Schedule

February 2 Chemical Engineering Problems in Nanomechanics and Nanotribology
Professor Seong Kim
Pennsylvania State University
February 7 A Systems Approach to Materials Processing
Professor Martha Gallivan
Georgia Tech University
February 16 Moving Catalysis from Analysis to Design: Progress in Olefin Epoxidation
Professor Mark Barteau
University of Delaware
The Distinguished Research Lectureship in Chemical Engineering
February 28 Ethics and Engineering
Professor John Hooker
Carnegie Mellon University
March 23 Elasto-Capillary Thinning and the Breakup of Complex Fluids (or why some things are stickier than others!)
Professor Gareth McKinley
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
April 11 Crystal Engineering for Product and Process Design
Professor Michael Doherty
University of California, Santa Barbara
April 18 Ophthalmic Drug Delivery by Contact Lenses
Professor Anuj Chauhan
University of Florida 
April 25 A Multiscale Systems Approach to Microelectronic Processes
Professor Richard Braatz
University of Illinois 

All seminars (unless noted) begin at 10:45 a.m. in Doherty Hall Room 1112.  Coffee and doughnuts are served at 10:30 a.m. in the Conference Room, Doherty Hall, Room 1102. For more information, please call Audrey Terrell at 268-2816.