Carnegie Mellon University

 kris-dahl-150px.jpgKris Dahl 

 She's great.

juyeon-ha-150px.jpgJuyeon Ha

Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

What has two thumbs and an infectious laugh (and a fish)? This lady right here. Juyeon is from New Jersey but she has roots in Korea. She is studying epithelial to mesenchymal transition and she has fostered an international collaboration for us with a sister group in Korea.

sumin-jin-150px.jpg Sumin Jin

PhD Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering, co-advised with Mohammed Islam

Sumin joins the ranks of PhD students from Manitoba, Canada. Both her fashion and scientific research are cutting edge. She knows what’s hot – and what’s superconductive – before the rest of us. She works with single wall carbon nanotube dispersions and drug delivery to cells. Pretty cool, eh?

joey-krempa-150px.jpg Joey Krempa

Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

There’s Springsteen and full serve gas stations, and then there’s Jersey’s Joey Krempa. He’s usually not so stoic, but a tie will do that to a person. This triple threat – scholar, athlete, researcher – is looking at methods to measure chromatin condensation in nuclei.

kirill-lavrenyuk-150px.jpg Kirill Lavrenyuk

PhD Candidate, Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology

Kirill is цудоўны вучоны who comes from Chicago.  Don’t let his rugged appearance fool you, he has a soft spot for deep dish, advanced microscopy and cadherins. His research combines multiple biophysical techniques to determine force balances within monolayers of cells.

daniel-whitefield-150px.jpg Daniel Whitefield

PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Daniel comes from west Texas and he has kept his Texan charm – and his pickup truck. What he lacks in knowledge of Star Wars he makes up for in knowledge of Star Trek. His research focuses on chromatin changes associated with cell transformation.

shiyuan-zheng-150px.jpg Shiyuan Zheng

Masters Researcher, Biomedical Engineering

Shiyuan is from Fujian, China. This jet-setter has seen more of America than most of the rest of us, but she has also brought the traditions of China to our research group. Her research examines changes to monolayers with permeabilization drugs.