Carnegie Mellon University
November 11, 2013

JitKang Lim selected as one of the recipients of the Takeda Entrepreneurship Award

JitKang Lim, former PhD student of Prof. Bob Tilton and Prof. Sara Majetich (CMU Physics), is one of the recipients of the Takeda Entrepreneurship Award for this year.

The Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award praises young entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial individuals who challenge technological or social needs in the real world.

This award was conferred to JitKang based on his idea of using low field gradient to magnetophoretically separate microalgal cells from fishfarm water.

Microalgae blooms in commercial fish production ponds at the northern part of Malaysia have posed serious threat to the development of freshwater aquaculture industry in Malaysia.

In addition, the conventional practice of mitigating this problem, which involved dilute-and-discard strategy, has also caused serious environmental pollution in the surrounding river.

By working together with fish farmers around his campus and an industry partner, JitKang and collaborators have developed an effective route to deal with this problem.

JitKang is currently a Senior Lecturer at School of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

More detail about JitKang's recent works can be found online at