Carnegie Mellon University
September 27, 2013

The Chemical Engineering Department dedicates it computer laboratory in honor of Gary Powers

The Powers family, alumni, friends, faculty & staff attended the Gary J Powers Educational Computer Lab Dedication that was held on September 27, 2013. The speakers were James H. Garrett, Jr., Dean College of Engineering and Thomas Lord Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Andy Gellman, Head of Chemical Engineering and Lord Professor of Chemical Engineering; Ignacio E. Grossmann, Dean University Professor of Chemical Engineering; Jeffrey J. Siirola, Distinguished Service Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems; Matt Cline, Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Lab Instructor; Dr. Steven A. Lapp, former business partner and President, Design Sciences, Inc.; and Susan Powers, Gary Powers's wife.

As Andy Gellman said, "Gary was an excellent educator and researcher and his dedication for teaching our students the importance of safety and process synthesis and the relevance of chemical engineering was outstanding. He exuded enthusiasm, and he had a unique ability to turn problem-solving into a great educational expedition for students. He started the successful chemical car competition which is ongoing today and he designed creative outreach programs for K-12 students.''

Joe Witkowski, ChE Class of 1984, now living in St. Louis MO, wrote: "God I wish I could was such a privilege and a treasure to learn from him. He'll be radiating that infectious smile from heaven and saying 'that's a lot of water!!' or one of his other trademark quips. Thank God for great human beings like Dr. Gary J. Powers. May his memory live on in all the students who learn in HIS lab!" Also please see to read the article about Carol Williams, executive vice president of The Dow Chemical Company, to appreciate Carol's comments about Gary Powers, the teacher.