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Wirth, Sides, and Prieve article makes the cover of the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

The imaging ammeter

The May 1st issue of the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science features an article by Christopher Wirth, Paul Sides, and Dennis Prieve

The article is about the use of electric-field-directed particle motion to probe the local electrochemical current density on an electrode. The authors envision high throughput research on electrocatalysis based on the Gellman/Miller capability for making composition spread alloy films. A hundred thousand colloidal particles spread out on a 1 square centimeter electrode each will report the local electric field during polarization of the entire electrode; the result will be a map of electrocatalytic activity showing the variability of electrocatalytic properties as a function of local composition. They anticipate doing ten thousand experiments in one hour to cover what would take a year with much coarser resolution by conventional methods.