Carnegie Mellon University

First ChemE Car Team Takes First Place at Regionals

CMU's Chem-E-Car team traveled to Penn State yesterday to compete at the AIChE Mid-Atlantic regional conference. They competed against 7 other schools in the region and won easily. They stopped 1 inch from the 50 foot distance that they were shooting for. More importantly, the win guarantees them a spot to compete at the national conference in San Francisco in mid-November.

NEW: See the videos here: Trial 1 and Trial 2.

Making the win even more impressive is that this is the first chem-e-car team that CMU has ever sent to the competition, competing against teams that have several years of competition experience The team members have done a ton of work and assembled a great car that deserved the win. The team members attending the competition were...

Melissa Bartel - sophomore 
Nora Chen - senior 
Denver Faulk - sophomore 
Carlene Ulish - sophomore

We would like to acknowledge the generous donation of Merck that supported the team for this competition.