Carnegie Mellon University
August 24, 2017

PhD Student, Chris Hanselman wins DOE Award

PhD Student, Chris Hanselman wins DOE Award

Christopher Lee Hanselman, Ph.D. student in chemical engineering, was recently received an SCGSR award. Over the summer, he will be working at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in Pittsburgh to pursue his doctoral thesis research in process systems engineering. The award also provides him with a stipend for living expenses.

Hanselman’s research focuses on the application of mathematical optimization in designing nanostructured materials. Essentially, Hanselman aims to provide material experts with a way to speed up new material discovery. He does this by translating questions that arise during the material design process into problems that can be solved using well-established optimization algorithms. Through mathematical optimization, material data can be rigorously and systematically searched to identify the optimal solution to a given problem. This process, in turn, allows experts to synthesize the best possible overall material structures.

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