Grossmann receives Honorary Doctorate from Russian Kazan National Research Technological University-Chemical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Grossmann receives Honorary Doctorate from Russian Kazan National Research Technological University

Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann was awarded with the Diploma of Honorary Doctor of Kazan National Research Technological University (KNRTU) in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia at a conference to foster further collaboration development and experience exchange between Russian and American scientists. The conference gathered scientists, professors, experts, undergraduate and graduate students from KNRTU and other higher education institutions, organizations and engineering companies within the Russian Federation, as well as American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) members and scientists in chemical engineering from the leading American institutions including Larry Biegler and Nick Sahinidis from Carnegie Mellon.

The research areas covers development and application of the methods/approaches in computer modeling and optimization to solve issues in design, control and research of oil & gas refining, petrochemical processes and productions aimed at rational use of energy and raw material resources for the environment protection and sustainable development.

Professor Grossmann is the Rudolph R. and Florence Dean University Professor of Chemical Engineering and director of the Center for Advanced Process Decision-making, which comprises a total of 20 petroleum, chemical and engineering companies. Grossmann is an associate editor of the AIChE Journal and a member of the editorial board of Computers and Chemical Engineering, Journal of Global Optimization, Optimization and Engineering, Latin American Applied Research, and Process Systems Engineering Series. He was also Chair of the Computers and Systems Technology Division of AIChE, co-chair of the 1989 Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design Conference and 2003 Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Operations Conference.