Carnegie Mellon University
December 05, 2016

Spyros Pandis wins 2016 David Sinclair Award

Spyros Pandis wins 2016 David Sinclair Award Congratulations to Spyros Pandis, who is the 2016 Recipient of the David Sinclair Award, given by the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR). The David Sinclair Award recognizes sustained excellence in aerosol research and technology by an established, active scientist, whose research has a lasting impact in aerosol science. The award is in memory of David Sinclair, one of aerosol science's pioneers and great innovators. 

This award is especially fitting for Spyros, who has made pioneering contributions to the understanding and amelioration of air pollution. His groundbreaking research has also led to fundamental contributions to the complex thermodynamics of both inorganic and organic phase partitioning in multiphase atmospheric systems. This work has included laboratory measurements, in situ field studies, and atmospheric modeling of transport and chemistry associated with ozone and particulate matter formation. 

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Congratulations Spyros, on this well-deserved honor!