Carnegie Mellon University
May 06, 2015

The 2015 CAPD Shortcourse - May 6 - 13

The 2015 CAPD Shortcourse - May 6 - 13

The annual CAPD Shortcourse begins this week and runs through next Wednesday.

This course is taught by  Professors Biegler, Grossmann, Sahinidis, Siirola and Ydstie, and is organized  in seven modules that can be taken altogether or in subsets.

The topics include  conceptual design, nonlinear, discrete and global optimization, and integrated  process planning, scheduling and control. The course stresses the application  of optimization models and methods to practical process problems, and recently  developed process synthesis concepts.

Geared to the practitioner, this course  provides practical information and exposure to powerful and sophisticated  modeling tools for process synthesis, planning, scheduling and dynamics and  control, including treatment of uncertainty. In addition, the course emphasizes  systematic solution approaches and provides the necessary background to  understand the tools and apply them correctly and efficiently to your process  problem.

Course participants will address  these topics through lectures and hands-on workshops. Specific computer methods  will include modeling tools, nonlinear and mixed integer programming codes.