Aditya Khair receives the Dean's Early Career Fellowship-Chemical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Aditya Khair receives the Dean's Early Career Fellowship

The Dean's Early Career Fellowships are awards given to untenured faculty who have received a high level of support during their review for promotion to associate professor. Fellows have been nominated by the heads of their departments and selected for the award by the College of Engineering Review Committee.

Aditya Khair has been selected based on his national and international status as one of the most influential young minds working on the development of mathematical methods and computational modeling to understand complex phenomena in nanotechnology today. Khair's work has made untold contributions to the fields of colloidal physics, complex fluids, electrokinetics and more. He has been granted numerous awards including the NSF CAREER Award, as well as research funding awards from multiple foundations.

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