Carnegie Mellon University
February 28, 2014

National Engineers Week ChemE & CPS Volunteers

Chemical Engineering and the CPS program once again participated in the Carnegie Science Center's two day celebration, Februray 14-15, 2014, of National Engineers Week.

The following people volunteered: Bethany Nicholson, Stephanie Kirby, Jacob Boes, Nick Austin, Matt Payne, Mingzhao Yu, Zixi Zhao, Alice Yocum, Xiangan Li, Wenqin You, Alex Dowling, Nitish Govindarajan, Prasansa Desai,Todd Przybycien and Valerie Patrick, Annette Jacobson, Rosemary Frollini, Alex Bertuccio, Zhenjiang Shi, Anchi Cheng, Mahaesh Jayaraman, Palak Pujara.

Thanks to all of our volunteers for helping to promote interest in careers in engineering to the many
visitors to our tables.