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Integrated Master's/Bachelor's Degree Program

Integrated Master's/Bachelor's Degree Program

The CIT Integrated Master's/Bachelor's (IMB) Degree program provides the opportunity for qualified undergraduate students to obtain a master's degree in Chemical Engineering with one or two extra semesters of study. The goal is to deepen our graduates' understanding of the fundamentals of chemical engineering, and to provide them with a broader set of professional skills or to expose them to other technical disciplines.

The MChE program is aimed at undergraduate students from Carnegie Mellon and candidates from other universities. Unfortunately, no financial support is available. For Carnegie Mellon students, the degree typically would be completed in their fifth year. Depending on advanced placement and semester overloads, however, CMU students can complete the degree at the time of the B.S. graduation or with one additional semester. All students must have graduate status once they have completed their BS degree and beyond eight semesters, degree program students must have full-time graduate student status in at least one (e.g., their final) semester whether or not they have already completed their BS degree. Upon graduating from this program, students seek industrial positions or placement in graduate programs at other universities. Students in the MChE program may apply for the PhD program at Carnegie Mellon University via the normal application process; their applications are considered alongside all the other applications received that year. If accepted into the PhD program, they enter it after completing the MChE degree.

A minimum of five completed semesters in residence as an undergraduate student and an overall QPA of 3.0 is required for eligibility. Taking the GRE an recommendation letters are not required. The application fee is waived for currently-enrolled undergraduate Chemical Engineering students.

The MChE program differs from the MS program because the MChE program does not require a project report or thesis.

You can apply online here: IMB Application