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Chemical Engineering Careers

The chemical engineering profession offers challenging, and well-compensated careers in the process industries, high-technology areas, the petroleum and energy industries, environmental technologies and many others. The BS degree in Chemical Engineering has typically earned the highest postgraduate salaries among all bachelors level degrees.  Chemical engineers supervise the operation of chemical plants, redesign chemical processes for pollution prevention, and develop new products and processes.  Chemical engineers are also found in industries associated with polymers (plastics and resins) and coatings (paint, integrated circuits, magnetic tapes).  Traditionally, in the petroleum industry, chemical engineers developed catalysts and new reaction and separation units to improve yields in the production of fuels.  The pharmaceutical industry recruits chemical engineers who possess expertise in both process engineering and biochemistry/molecular biology.  In the semiconductor industry, chemical engineers supervise the processing of complex polymers, chip fabrication and production of thin films.  A growing number of consulting companies seek chemical engineers for financial evaluation of the economic feasibility of industrial projects, and for assessment of environmental impact of projects.  Also worth noting is the fact that the depth and breadth of coursework promotes chemical engineering as an excellent major for students interested in medical and business schools.

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