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ChemE Computing

Chemical Engineering Computing

System Backups

All Staff computers are backed up to secure storage appliance every night. We have expanded this service to allow student computers, and research computers to be backed up every other day.

Every other evening student computers and lab machines will be backed up to a secure storage appliance located in our departmental datacenter. In order to participate in this service, client machines must have the most current Retrospect Client software installed. This software is available on the Software Share on cheme-software.

Once the client software is installed users should email the Help Desk with the machine name(hostname or IP address), folder or drive to be backed up, and client password (if specified during install). Backups should the begin on the next scheduled cycle.

Minimum Requirements

  • Mac OS or Windows Operating System
  • Wired internet connection during backup time period (Overnight for desktops, Noon for laptops)