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Chemical Engineering Computing

New Users' Guide - Getting Started with Computing in ChemE

The New Users' Guide is designed to help those who have recently become affiliated with Chemical Engineering and need basic assistance. Chemical Engineering integrates heavily with University provided services as well as services provided by other departments. Your University provided Andrew Account will be used to access any ChemE Restricted services including the Computer Labs, Printers and File Shares

Using Remote Desktop

  • The Remote Desktop Connection, built into Windows Operating Systems, allows a user to connect and use Chemical Engineering software and access his/her account from remote locations such as from a personal computer.
  • Instructions on how to set up and use Remote Desktop can be found in the Remote Desktop section under Software.

How to Connect and then Use a ChemE Printer

  • Users have access to numerous printers throughout the ChemE department. Information on how to connect to the printers can be found in the Printing section under Services.

How to Obtain Software Offered by the ChemE Department

  • Licensed software is available to Students, Faculty, and Staff via the Software Share. The Software share is a Windows-based share located on the department server ""
  • You will need to be affiliated with Chemical Engineering to access this share. Additionally, this share is only available while directly connected to the campus network.

Need More Technical Help?
You can contact Chemical Engineering Computing via the Help Desk for technological troubleshooting and any further questions on using services in Chemical Engineering