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When you are first given your ChemE account, you are provided a default username and password. More information can be found in the Account Information section.
Information on how to change your ChemE account password can be found in our New User's Guide under Changing Your ChemE Password.

Instructions for connecting to department printers can be found in the "Our Services" section under printing

For specific instructions on how to send in a poster print request, see our Poster Printing section.
For detailed instructions on how to retrive software available to ChemE users, visit our page on accessing the software share.

Please Note: You will need a ChemE user account, and you will only be able to connect to our software server if you are directly connected to the campus network.
You can use a service called Remote Desktop Connection. More information on the Remote Desktop client and how to connect to it can be found in the Remote Desktop section under Software.